How not to write an Internship CV – 1

Resume MistakesA Google search on “How to write a CV” returns 66,200,000 pages (including this one) and still we have people (and not just students alone) asking around tips on how to write a CV that stands out and conveys the message. Either those 66 million plus pages are written in Zulu language or the students are not reading them. How else do we explain student internship CVs running into 3+ pages even before the start of their professional career?

To me the fundamental problem seems to be arising because very few of us pause to think what is the exact purpose of a CV? What do you think a CV is supposed to do? The objective of a CV is one and only one – to get you an interview call. Once this becomes clear, everything else falls into place.

I am listing down a series of turn offs that you may have on your resume, and how trimming them down would reduce the fluff on your CV and make your and the recruiter’s life easier.

1. Career Objective – I could never figure out what good platitude laden, global “Gyaan” filled 4 lines do to your CV? Yes, yes, I know you are hardworking, diligent, sincere, looking for an opportunity where you could utilize your skills and contribute to the growth of the organization – but then so is everyone else! Don’t’ believe me? Have a look at some of the samples below. Let’s be honest – your objective is to get the internship and recruiter’s objective is to give it to you. Let’s not wrap wool of words around it.

India Summer Internship Resume mistake 1

India Summer Internship Resume mistake2

India Summer Internship Resume mistake3

India Summer Internship Resume mistake4

2. Personal Information – Write only what is required and relevant. As per me, providing your name, contact number, contact address and email id are enough. How knowing your father’s, mother’s, uncles’ and aunt’s names going to help me in deciding whether to offer you the internship or not? Similarly unless specifically asked, you do not need to provide your gender and DOB as well. Most of the opportunities today do not differentiate basis gender, age, religion and cast and let’s keep it that way. Also there is a great trick hidden in how you can save space on personal information piece – have a look at the sample below and compare it with what you have on your CV.

India Summer Internship resume mistake6

3. Declaration & Signature – Are you testifying in a court which requires you to call it out explicitly? It’s an obvious expectation that the information on your CV is the most truthful to your knowledge. Do you think those who do not provide this declaration of solemnity are lying and recruiters do not trust them? You know the answer. Save yourself the effort and those 4 lines.
4. References – References are asked before making you the final offer and not before deciding whether to call you for an interview. It does not add any value to the CV – save them for future.

I will continue with the rest of the entry in the next blog, do try the tips above and write back how much space you were able to trim down. You will be amazed how likely it feels now that your CV can fit in that dream 1 page format :)

Hope this helps.  If your resume contains similar mistakes and if you would like an industry expert to help you with your resume, register at Internshala Career Services

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