My 1st Stipend Contest

The first stipend for a student is like a dream come true. It signals the transition from the ‘learner’ phase to the ‘earner’ phase. Its recognition of you finally having arrived on the world stage. Its a milestone that you would always cherish.  Truth be told, a matter of great personal pride, a first stipend, however small, is special in so many ways.

You may have already earned and spent your first stipend, or may be going to earn one this summer. Or in distant future but may already have grand plans on how you would spend it. Internshala invites you to share those experiences and dreams with rest of the student community.

If your experience/plan/dream is interesting enough and well narrated, it would be selected for publication on Internshala. And as a token of appreciation, you would receive mobile recharge worth Rs. 100/ – . What more, if your entry is liked by the readers of Internshala, you would also win a cool limited edition Internshala t-shirt :)

So go ahead and tell us, what did/will you do with your first stipend? Please use the form below (or click here) for your submissions.

And in case you are looking for inspirations/ideas on what to write, check out this cool post on what Internshala interns did with their first stipend or what other students who have won this contest earlier have to say here

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