Internship in Gurgaon – Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. – enriching experience for a Mechanical engineering student

About Author: Aditya Pratap Singh is a B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) graduate from IIT-BHU. He interned with Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. (MSIL) in Gurgaon.

After the 5th semester of my B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, I got a wonderful opportunity to intern with Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.(MSIL). MSIL Gurgaon plant is to a “mech savvy” what a shopping mall is to a shopping freak i.e. to say, you get all the items of all the brands under one roof. The 300 acres of MSIL plant situated in the heart of the city of Gurgaon encompasses manufacturing shops, paint shops, weld shops, casting shops, assembly lines, machine shops, quality control centres, R&D department and much more – all in the same campus. The icing on the cake was the fact that all these shops were highly automated. Such level of automation is very rare in India.

While strolling in the shops one has to be very careful because though the frantically running “line followers” in the assembly line will very humbly stop and let you pass if you obstruct their way, the overhanging robotic arms in the machine shops may not be so gracious and take you along with them (trust me, I mean it). The other aspect of the training is the industrial and production engineering part. MSIL religiously follows the numerous Japanese quality, quantity and talent management systems (JIT, KRA, Kaizen, TPS to name a few). During your training, you are overwhelmingly exposed to such practices.

The practical examples of all the theory that you have studied in your classrooms take your understanding to a new level. The projects assigned to the interns mostly deal with the management aspects of engineering. So, while the hardcore mechanical engineering, i.e. the highly automated shops stand naked in front of you, waiting to be explored, the project makes you acquainted with the control systems that make this monster (MSIL) work.

Since there is more to an internship than just the workplace, I’ll write about the “extra-workplace” aspects too. To start with, Gurgaon is a good place to live. There are numerous flats, PGs available in the vicinity of the plant to stay. There are malls, nice restaurants, bars, discos etc. The connectivity to New Delhi is very good (takes about 45 minutes to reach by Delhi Metro).

To conclude, interning with MSIL was an enriching experience for a mechanical/production engineering student, provided that you are willing to learn because your mentor may not be able to give you enough time. If you are not interested in doing anything, it’s an even better place. Just go to the plant at lunch time (caution: the food may not be referred to as good), have lunch, go to the CCD inside, have donuts and sandwiches, show your face to your mentor and leave. No one will bother.

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