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An awesome paid internship for students from Electronics background to get the start-up exposure while working with CoolJunk in New Delhi. The last date to apply is 15th  November, 2012– hurry!

About CoolJunk: – Born with a vision to change the way we humans learn, CoolJunk ( is a DIY(do-it yourself) kits company based out of New Delhi, India. The company comprises artists, engineers, designers and tinkerers who are committed to produce personal learning kits for experimentation and exploration to make learning more fun, intuitive, interactive and intelligent. The founding team is from ISM Dhanbad and has remarkable track record in starting up and technology domain.

About Internship: – The interns are going to work on 8-bit µCs to develop new, exciting projects. They will be responsible for:

1. Development of a new hardware platform.

2. Interfacing of different analog and digital sensors with the µC such as proximity sensors, accelerometer, gyroscope, force, etc.

3. Interfacing of wireless modules such as zig-bee, bluetooth, GSM/GPRS, Wi-fi.

Number of internships: – 2

Who can apply: Undergraduate or graduate B.Tech students from Electronics Engineering background are eligible to apply. The applicant needs to have creativity and the following skills – C, AVR, Arduino, Communication Protocols(UART, SPI, I2C), strong fundamentals of Electronics, circuit designing and Eagle.

Location: – New Delhi

Duration: – 1 month (minimum_

Start date: – December, 2012

Stipend: – Rs. 10,000 -Rs. 15, 000 per month + a certificate will be provided on completion of internship. There is also an opportunity to secure summer internship position for 2013.

Internship specific question: – Along with your application please upload answers to the following internship specific questions (.pdf, .doc, .rtf, <1MB): –

1) What are your thoughts on the way programming is taught at the school level and how ‘introduction’ to programming is handled at the college level?. How would you go about teaching programming to 14 year olds? What platform/s would you use? What programming language would you recommend the person starts with?

2) What is open drain? Where and why is it employed? Give examples of 2 protocols which use open drain as the physical implementation. Use Eagle Layout editor (or any other schematic entry tool) to schematically show the physical implementation.

3) There is a robot which contains a micro-controller board and a few sensors for line following. The micro-controller board also has 2 switches, an LCD and a serial port. Now, if someone presses the first switch, the following processes will take place simultaneously: calibration of the sensors and the LCD showing the sensors output. As the second switch is pressed, the robot starts following the line and simultaneously, LCD shows the following status: SWITCH 2 PRESSED + ROBOT IS FOLLOWING LINE. Now, if at serial port, the controller receives some data then it has to dump that data to program memory, while LCD will show the Code is Burning. Write your approach to solve this problem and the code as well. You can choose any 8 bit controller. Also explain why you choose the specific controller for this task.

How to apply: – If all set, go ahead and apply here. The last date for applications is 15th November, 2012 – Hurry!

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