Your Internship Story

Your Internship Story 2013

Your Internship Story is Internshala’s flagship online competition for students to share their internship experiences. The objective of the contest is to build a knowledge base of internship experiences that future interns can refer to make their internship hunt easier. Also, through this contest we want to showcase how important internships really are for students and how they add tremendous value to both the student and the organization – thus hoping to promote Internshala’s core vision of bringing a culture of meaningful internships in India.

One of the most popular student contests in India (both in terms of quality and number of entries), Your Internship Story contest is organized every year in July-August period.

The ‘official’ participation (for prizes) in the contest for 2013 edition is now closed but we accept the entries on rolling basis round the year. And, we may still surprise you with a prize or two if your story gets accepted for publication on Internshala. Go ahead, share your story with the world, and may the glory be yours!

How to participate - Click here to submit your story.

FAQs & Rules (for rolling entries)

1. Who can participate in this contest?

If you’ve ever had an internship, and you have an interesting story to tell about that experience, you’re eligible to participate in this contest.

2. Does the story have to be from this summer only?

No. Any internship experience (this summer or earlier) would count.

3. Does the story have to be original and/or real?
YES. If we find a plagiarized or fictitious entry, it will be disqualified immediately.

4. Can I submit more than one entry?
Not for the same internship. For instance, if you interned at Companies A and B and you have story about each, then you can send in two separate entries, otherwise not.

5. What are the evaluation criteria for selecting the entry for publication on Internshala?
Each story received is evaluated basis following parameters –

  • Richness of information and experience
  • Style of writing (engaging vs. plain)
  • Grammar and Vocabulary

6. How will I know if my entry has been accepted for publication on Internshala?
You will get an email notification regarding the same.

7. What is the last date to participate?
The ‘official’ participation in the contest for the prizes is now closed. But, we are accepting entries on rolling basis round the year – so there is no last date as such.

8. Can the entry be only in English?
Not necessary. It can also be in Hindi.

9. Can I send in my entry anonymously?
Yes, you can.

10. What are the other Terms & Conditions of the contest?

  • With respect to winners, Internshala’s decision would be final and binding
  • Internshala will have the creative rights to publish and use the submitted entries any way it deems fit
  • Internshala reserves the right to make any changes to the T&Cs of the contest from time to time as it may deem fit

11. When will the contest reopen next?

The contest would reopen in July 2014 next. Please subscribe to Internshala if you would like to receive an email notification regarding the same.

For any further queries, please drop a line at

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