Your Internship Story Contest 2014

Your Internship Story 2014

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After receiving a massive amount of 800+ internship stories over a month, we now happily close the 2014 edition of Your Internship Story contest. Few stories were good, few were awesome and made it to the blog, but every story was unique and had something to say.

While we get back with the names of winners soon, in the meanwhile, if you too have an interesting story to share, you can still send it to If it’s good, it will be published, and who knows, you may just receive a surprise gift.


  • 1st prize – INR 5,000/- + Limited edition Internshala T-shirt + Winner’s Certificate (sample)
  • 2nd prize – INR 2,500/- + Limited edition Internshala T-shirt + Winner’s Certificate
  • 3rd prize – INR 1,000/- + Limited edition Internshala T-shirt + Winner’s Certificate
  • Every published entry – Limited edition Internshala T-shirt + Certificate of Appreciation (sample)
  • Every entry received – Certificate of Participation (view sample)

FAQs & Rules

1. Who can participate in this contest?

If you’ve ever had an internship, and you have an interesting story to tell about that experience, you’re eligible to participate in this contest.

2. Does the story have to be from this summer only?

No. Any internship experience (this summer or earlier) would count.

3. Does the story have to be original and/or real?
YES. If we find a plagiarized or fictitious entry, it will be disqualified immediately.

4. Can I submit more than one entry?
Not for the same internship. For instance, if you interned at Companies A and B and you have story about each, then you can send in two separate entries, otherwise not.

5. What are the evaluation criteria for selecting the entry for publication/winning on Internshala?
Each story received is evaluated basis following parameters –

  • Richness of information and experience
  • Style of writing (engaging vs. plain)
  • Grammar and Vocabulary

6. How will I know if my entry has been accepted for publication on Internshala?
You will get an email notification regarding the same.

7. What is the last date to participate?
The last date to participate is 7th September 2014.

8. When would the results be declared?
The top 3 winners would be declared on 15th September. We will, however, continue to review the received entries and publish the selected ones throughout the contest period. If your entry is selected for publication, you will receive an email notification regarding the same.

9. When would I receive the prize and the certificate?
An e-certificate would be emailed to you and the prizes would be dispatched to you by 20th September.

10. Can the entry be only in English?
Not necessary. It can also be in Hindi.

11. Can I send in my entry anonymously?
Yes, you can. However, in the form, please provide your correct name and contact details in personal details section. In the internship description, please mention if you would like the story to be published anonymously and we will take care of that. All the anonymous submissions are 100% confidential.

12. What are the other Terms & Conditions of the contest?

  • With respect to winners, Internshala’s decision would be final and binding
  • Internshala will have the creative rights to publish and use the submitted entries any way it deems fit
  • Internshala reserves the right to make any changes to the T&Cs of the contest from time to time as it may deem fit.

For any further queries, please drop a line at

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