Your Internship Story Contest 2017


After the success of Your Internship Story Contest (YIS) 2016 (we got 1500+ entries), we are back with the 2017 edition of the much-awaited contest. With prizes worth INR 1 Lac up for grabs and a once in a lifetime opportunity of getting featured on the Internshala blog, we invite you to share your internship story with the world.

Since the first edition in 2011, the sheer variety and quality of entries that we have received have reinforced our belief that meaningful internships play a crucial role in shaping one’s career. If you also have a fascinating story to tell, then this is THE platform for you to share it on.

So, don your writer’s hat, relive your internship moments, and let your creative juices flow.

The last date to submit your entry is 31st August 2017 (23:59:59 hrs).


  • 1st prize = Rs.5000/-
  • 2nd prize = Rs.2500/-
  • 3rd prize = Rs.1000/- 
  • The top 3 winners as well as all the entries selected for publication (we publish ~100 entries in every edition), will receive a certificate of appreciation and a limited edition Internshala T-shirt. 
  • All the participants will receive a certificate of participation and will be eligible for 25% off on Internshala Trainings.

On what criteria will the entries be selected for publication?
We use following criteria in deciding:
1. Usefulness of the story – Whether your story is useful/inspiring for the students who are looking out for internships.
2. The richness of details: Whether your story contains details about your struggle & tips for finding the internship, your interview experience, your experience during the internship, etc.
3. The uniqueness of the story: How different your story is when compared to other entries.
4. The quality of content: Your writing style, the flow of the story, the grammar, and the vocabulary – all play an important role.

Tip: Include details/tips on how you got the internship and proofread your story before submitting to improve your chances of selection.

How to participate?
Submit your entry in the form below. Click here if the form below does not load for some reason.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible to participate in the contest?
Ans: If you’ve ever done an internship and have a story to tell about that experience, you are eligible to participate. You can be a school student, in college, or a recent graduate – as long as you have an interesting experience to share, you are invited to participate.

2. Does the story have to be from this summer or this year only?
Ans: Not necessarily, it can be from any time period.

3. What happens once I submit my story?
Ans: You will hear from us with the result (even if your story is not selected) within 7 days.

4. How will I get to know if my entry has been selected for publication?
Ans: All the selected entries will receive an email notification regarding publication.

5. How will you decide the top 3 winners among all the published entries?
Ans: The panel of judges at Internshala will select the top 3 entries from all the published stories. Their decision will be final and binding. The winners will be declared on 14th September.

6. What are the criteria on which Internshala selects a story for publication?
Ans: Entries are shortlisted on the basis of a number of factors like the richness of details, content quality, attention to detail, uniqueness, writing style, and usefulness to the readers.

7. What can I do to improve the chances of my story getting selected?
Ans: If your story contains the details about how you got that internship and some pointers which helped you in the selection process, it increases the chances of your story being selected. Also, get it proofread by your friends before submitting; lesser the number of grammatical errors in your story, better the chances of it getting published.

8. Where can I look at the winners of previous editions?
Ans: Please click on the links below to read stories of each year’s winners –

9. Does the story have to be in English only?
Ans: Not necessarily, you can submit your entry in Hindi too.

10. Does the story have to be original and real?
Ans: YES. If we find a plagiarized or a fictitious entry, it will be disqualified immediately. Also, your story shouldn’t have been published on any other platform previously.

11. Can I send in my entry anonymously?
Ans: You can. While filling the form, please mention your name and contact details correctly (so that we can contact you) but in the story, you can add a line stating you would like it to be published anonymously.

12. Even if my story is not published, will I get a certificate of participation?
Ans: Yes, we will email a certificate of participation to all the entries. In addition, all the participants are also eligible for flat 25% discount on the Internshala Trainings. All the published stories and winners will receive their certificate via courier along with their prizes (see Prizes section above).

13. Can I submit more than one entry?
Ans: Not for the same internship. For instance, if you interned at Companies A and B and you have a story about each, then you can send in two different entries, otherwise not.

14. I don’t have an internship story to share but I am looking for an internship, what should I do?
Ans: You can apply for internships that suit your profile by registering with us (for free) here. All internships come with cool stipends and certificates.

15. I have a question that has not been answered here, what should I do?
Ans: If you have any queries, please drop us a mail at and we will help you out.