Summer Internship with Bose Institute – Anirban Samanta from BIT Mesra Patna

Anirban Samanta still remembers his first day at Bose Institute where instead of his guide he faced a group of 12 Scientist for a presentation and how he aced it without any mistakes. With this he enters “Winner of the day” Hall of Fame on Internshala. Congrats, Anirban! Next step – “Winner of the week”! 

Daily Winner for: –  4th Aug 2011

Name of the intern: –  Anirban Samanta

Institute: –  Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra

Organization interned with: –  Bose Institute, Kolkata

My summer internship at Bose Institute, Kolkata (a highly and internationally acclaimed research institute) opened a whole new world of knowledge to me. The first shocker was the necessity of a presentation on a past project. I was not prepared for that one. On that day, I was expecting just my guide instead I faced a group of 12 Bose Institute SCIENTISTS!!!! It was the first serious presentation I had to give (college presentations don’t count) and it was a brilliantly scary experience, but I kinda aced it with only one minor mistake.

Then the actual work started. I had to learn and perform radar imaging. The laboratory made my head spin. After the clunky oscilloscopes in college I was totally unprepared for agilent, techtronix and yokogawa. I was introduced to DSOs, Spectrum Analyzers, etc. The lab had instruments worth crores. The ease with which I was allowed to play around with the setup also surprised me. I learned about RADAR, and the various techniques for imaging, apart from basics of programming in environments likes Labview, Agilent VEE (new to me).

In the end I had a life changing experience. I was able to connect to the people at Bose Institute, but most importantly it gave me a peak into real research work and inspired me to go into research.

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