Summer Internship with Deeya Energy – Anish Bhandari, TTITS

Daily Winner for: –  5th August 2011

Name of the intern: –  Anish Bhandari

Institute: –  The Technological Institute of Textile & Sciences, Bhiwani

Organization interned with: –  Deeya Energy Pvt Ltd.

It was my first experience in the corporate world of which I have always heard from my elder cousins or my seniors in my college. I used to hear a lot of stories that how one learn more in few months of experience within an actual environment rather than four years of college life. Now I believe maybe whatever I have known or heard was true.

On the very first day i.e. 17th June 2011 I woke up early morning (to be honest I couldn’t sleep out of excitement and curiousness) which was very contrary of my schedule which included a noon alarm fed on my cell phone to get me out of my dreamy land. Anyways I got up early, had a nice bath dressed up all in formals, somewhat feeling like a nerd and was all ready for my first day at office.

I reached at my office a bit late as per described earlier by the officials (All thanks to Gurgaon roads and heavy traffic during morning hours). Bit nervous and after inquiring about the concerned person and enduring the gazing eyes of the staff I reached Mr.Virendra Rawat’s office who was supposed to debrief me about my work there at Deeya Energy.I  knocked upon his cabin door and he called me in. I was so nervous that I even forgot to wish him a good morning. It was after few seconds that I realized whats the right thing to do and I right away wished him with a hesitating smile of course. Next few minutes made me realize that a person only gets more humble and down to earth as he rises up in his life. He greeted me with such warmth that I forgot all the nervousness and I came back to myself. (Thank God) After that he told me about the current projects going on in this revolutionary newly setup US based MNC which was working towards the goal of clean and efficient energy. I was right away swayed by having learned the outline of the projects the company was undertaking. He then summoned Mr. Prasanna who was my mentor at Deeya Energy and placed me under his efficient guidance. Mr. Prasanna took me to his cabin. I was still anxious about my work. He then straight away came to the point. He asked me few question related to my field. Most of them I answered correctly and one or two questions were forgotten under the impression of innocent look (haha, was so relieved then).

He then explained me the actual work I was going to perform there. I had to work on one of their online projects which includes the monitoring of their energy storage platform through the data streams which were stored in their servers. I quickly grasped the work and was fluent with the job within few days.They gave me a separate cabin which I shared with the other team members. To my amazement team even involved a pretty sikh girl from the punjab university (Here real engineer wakes up – lol!). I was more involved in my work. If there was any problem I used to sought help (without any doubts) from the sweet pretty lady and she did the needful always. Work was so much fun.

Now when I am off the training I really miss those days and I laugh out today at the scary story of trainees I hear nowadays. Kudos to Deeya Energy. Lovely people :) Great Family. :)

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4 thoughts on “Summer Internship with Deeya Energy – Anish Bhandari, TTITS

  • August 8, 2011 at 8:11 AM

    Very well explained, in a truly mature & professional manner.

  • August 8, 2011 at 9:34 PM

    wow!!!!!!!!! great job bro……..

  • August 9, 2011 at 1:25 PM

    :) thnxx sis.

  • August 14, 2011 at 9:33 PM

    Nice post Anish !!!


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