Summer Internship with Schlumberger – Abhishek Joshi from IIT Madras

Daily Winner for: –  6th August 2011

Name of the intern: –  Abhishek Joshi

Institute: –  IIT Madras

Organization interned with: –  Schlumberger Asia Services Limited

It all started when we were asked to fly down to Mumbai for an induction program after which we were asked to disperse to our designated locations.

Mumbai as it has been always a lively city, so 4 days flew by in no time, I got to know all the interns of my batch there. From there I was asked to go in a remote city of Barmer in Rajasthan. I was supposed to fly to Jodhpur from Mumbai and then catch a train from there on, but as it turned out to be my train got cancelled and I was stuck at Jodhpur. I took an overly crowded passenger train from Jodhpur to reach Barmer, it was the most pathetic journey of my life as I was sitting in front of a stinking toilet for more than 6 hours. But what followed over the next 6 weeks was awesome.

On the first day of my field intern I was taken on an oil rig, I had never seen such a thing before, I was working in an envelope of sand dunes and the landscape is purely unimaginable. Once while having food, there was sand storm and I had to run with my plate in search of some shelter!! Those experiences were mind blowing.

I was working with the experienced engineers to help them perform well logging, staying in Bunk houses, which were no less than 5 stars, with the cook serving whatever you order. I remember someone ordered fish in the dry city of Barmer and the cook was running in the entire city to get a fresh water fish!!

It was the month of May and June, mercury soared as high as 52 degrees but to be honest I learned a  lot there in 6 weeks, I was under the guidance of the ex-IITs and they all treated me as a part of my family, cracking jokes at the middle of the night, cock tail parties, dancing in the desert in the middle of the night (once u r on a high, u dont know what u r doing!!) and camel safaries, were the main highlights of the intern!!

I really hope that I get to do some more interns of such kind, where I enjoyed a lot and at the same time gained immense practical knowledge

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  • January 4, 2012 at 12:57 PM

    How did you apply to this internship? Thru campus or was there some other procedure?


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