Summer Internship with an Investment Bank in London – Priya Mouli from IIM Bangalore

Daily Winner for: – 14th August, 2011

Name of the intern: – Priya Mouli

Institute: – Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

Organization interned with: – a leading bank in London

Nothing in the world could be rocket science, not even Investment Banking!

In B-schools, Finance has always been the most coveted industry to land jobs in, especially by the top brains on campus; it is hence, a misconception that it is extremely arduous to tame. Having had an engineering background and 3.5 years of experience in the IT space and hence no exposure to the Financial world, I too opined the same.My internship with a bank in London, gave me a very good insight into the world of Investment Banking; I would now say that I have an in depth understanding of how an investment bank works and how its different desks/departments are interconnected.

I had mentally prepared myself to work on spreadsheets day in and day out; little did I know that it was all about pitching to the client, in short, having a good hang of presentations (both power point and cogent talking) . In fact, what gets money to a bank is to keep itself abreast of the different industries and who pitches and manages to convince the client the earliest, so as to win the deal.

The core of Investment Banking I would say is networking for banking is a relationships business and hence certainly calls for good communication abilities. Networking within the bank too is paramount for it is the different departments in a bank that need to work closely and share their expertise in order to execute a deal. A good analyst (the junior most level in an investment bank) also needs to be well versed with skills in a reasonable amount of number crunching as well as in information assimilation and analysis.

One more useful thing about the internship was the amount of training we were given before we were inducted into the job. I would however, weigh the multi-cultural exposure at the London office the highest, for one gets to learn how to work with people from different geographies and different ways of thinking. This could also give one an edge in dealing with international clients, a skill required in almost every managerial job these days.

On hindsight, I would say that the internship proved to be a wealth of learning which dawned upon me the fact that Impossible is a word in the dictionary of fools! (Quoting Napoleon Bonaparte)

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