Summer Internship at IIIT Delhi – Prateek from Amity School of Engineering & Technology

Drum rolls please! Prateek from Amity School of Engineering and Technology shares his experience and joy of getting an internship without any “contacts” :). According to him its the experience and learning one should look forward to and not the stipend. With this spirited narration & maximum number of “likes” that the post received he now graduates to “Winner of the week” Hall of Fame on Internshala and wins flipkart gift voucher for Rs. 1,000/-.

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Daily winner for: – 30th July 2011

Week winner for: – 29th July – 4th August 2011

Name of the intern: – Prateek Jassal

Institute: – Amity School of Engineering and Technology

Organization interned with:- Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology

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First and foremost, the level of satisfaction was immense and the joy of working on a research problem.  Most of the friends I know got in through contacts in companies but I wanted to make my way on my own. Almost every other guy told me you cannot get an internship without contacts but I guess when you give in your best; God gives you the best too.

Secondly the flexible schedule, option to work wherever and however you wish to and the guidance of the professors at IIIT Delhi were great. The friends I made there and group meetings once every week were definitely something I used to look forward to. I was working with the Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing group and now my internship is officially over and yes we were getting a decent stipend.

The fact is I would not have learned in any company as much as I learned here. So I would have done it even if they would not have offered me any stipend. In the long term, the learning and not that stipend will play a role.

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One thought on “Summer Internship at IIIT Delhi – Prateek from Amity School of Engineering & Technology

  • August 2, 2011 at 2:16 PM

    I realized that I had not added some technical details so here they are:
    My research project was on battery level management and was on calculating power consumption for various tasks on a mobile phone. This had to be done via our own mobile app. I was working with a guy from IIT Guwahati. So we worked on the Symbian platform using QtSDK so I had to actually get familiar with Qt programming. Then since certain APIs were not available on Qt I had to dig deep into the Symbian libraries so I had to work on Symbian C++ too. And before all this just for familiarizing I had to work on Java Microedition so I worked on it for like more than a week. Out of all three of them I liked Java ME the most, its easier to use but if you need some real core functionality then you need to dive into the Symbian aspect of programming.


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