Summer Internship with Arident Group – Neetu Singh from MNNIT Allahabad

Well, Neeta missed becoming “Winner of the day” by a whisker but we still felt that her entry deserved wild card entry and she should still be given a chance to become “Winner of the week” if people really like her experience. Wish you all the best Neetu – go get it!

Wildcard Entry for Week: – 29th July – 4th Aug 2011

Name of the intern: – Neeta Singh

Institute: – MNNIT, Allahabad

Organization interned with: – Aricent Group

From the very childhood i was in awe of Jats! I got my internship in their land, Gurgaon. The greatest delight was Metro Ride from Delhi to Gurgaon. (Being brought up in Lucknow, I had never seen metro before).

Aricent was the last company to visit the Campus before end terminal exams so it was kind of bliss to get placed before finals. My first day at the company was awful with all my college mates being sent to different sectors (of course in group having acquaintances) and I felt like I was allotted to a no man’s land with entirely strange group. During the introduction round I was asked to tell something special about me and pheww I could not think of anything to share in front of team of seemingly very intelligent and smart people.

My internship went well mainly because of a very cool- headed manager and efficient and friendly team members. Oh yes! how can I forget the delightful parties and team members struggling to get the biggest chunk possible of whatever is left, all the pranks, and jokes during the team meetings.I had the wonderful opportunity of accompanying my team to two team outings, which I got to know is very rare case while being in internship. (About others I don’t know, but this was the case at my place).

With the mixture of strange Jat and Punjabi words in my Nawabi accent… Delights of cool Lassis…. nerves reckoning exams of whatever taught in the team trainings… strange arrangements of centralized AC’s… Girls dominated cubicles… competitions with other teams… I think it was all in all very nice start of my professional life. Heartily thanks to Aricent groups and all my teammates for the blissful six months of trainings.

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5 thoughts on “Summer Internship with Arident Group – Neetu Singh from MNNIT Allahabad

  • February 1, 2012 at 9:31 PM

    how will i apply for internship?

  • May 20, 2016 at 9:17 AM

    What did you exactly do in this internship?

    • May 21, 2016 at 2:53 PM

      Hi Shaurya,

      Neetu might not be following this thread. You may try to contact her on any social networking sites (LinkedIn or Facebook).

      Team Internshala


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