“Keep it Simple Silly”

Ruchi heads Employer Relations at Internshala.

Hello, here’s a quick one from me. From its initial days till today, journey with Internshala has been filled with learnings in variety. Working with people like Ankur and Sarvesh, who do not settle for anything less than perfection, my days here are a mixture of unlearning a few bad habits and adapting to few good ones. There are three major fundas that I have learnt in last one year at Internshala and consider them worth sharing.

1) KISS (Keep it Simple Silly) :- Information which student/ employer is looking for should be readily available. Focus on doing one or two things at a time and do them really well. Too many features can actually confuse users and make them less inclined to use your service.

2) TEAM:-  A good team is a crucial part in a start-up. You should always know whom to reach out to when in need. Be self-analytical and self-critical. Work hard to identify your flaws and pad them with team members who can compensate. I have interacted with quite a few students/ interns and can assure you that their knowledge is very vast and you can learn a lot from them.

3) Being open to feedback:- Start-up is a place where every small mistakes counts. At times, you have to do the work you are not good at. Learning can happen at any stage of life, provided you are open to feedback and make room for improvement.

Editor’s note: – Ruchi has the proud distinction of being the first employee at Internshala; though she has never been paid a dime of a salary by a team of broke founders. Given no monetary benefits what so ever till date; we suspect there are 2 key reasons why she still came onboard –

1. Her life long desire of owning a badge which reads numero uno  (this incidentally make Sarvesh as Employee No. -1 and Ankur as Employee No. 0 which reflects the amount of work they do)

2. Her secret business plan of opening up a food joint. We admire her for having a long term vision that one day Internshala would grow to be hundreds of employees strong and then she can grab the much coveted office canteen contract!

Whatever be her reason, may it happen for her!

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  • January 8, 2012 at 2:18 AM

    This is awesome. Very well written.


  • May 26, 2012 at 1:06 AM

    All the best !!


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