My first day at internship- Uncontrollable fit of narcissism among other things

Jaai is Internshala’s youngest intern and certainly the most vivacious one. Apart from being awesome at everything she does, her favourite passtime is to learn as much as she can at any given time. Open to challenges, super fast at getting acquainted and smarter-than-most-people-of-her-age Jaai writes about the first day of her internship at Internshala.

 It is a generally accepted fact that exams suck and vacations rock. But after all the fun and purely time-wasting activities (staring at the computer, the TV and sometimes just at the ceiling) are over, you get sick of it. Someone utters the word ‘vacations’ and you make this face:

Then that someone utters the word ‘internship’ and you make this face:

So that’s how I applied for a few internships and joined Internshala. Here are some things that sent me into an uncontrollable fit of narcissism on the first day:
1. My official e-mail ID
2. Editorial access to the website
3. The “don’t disturb me; unlike you, I am busy,” texts I sent to my friends just for fun.

And these other things made me shed tears of joy:

1. The welcome message and the (top secret) icebreaker session
2.  Being entrusted with responsibilities right away
3.  The way everyone looked the other way when I messed up.

I also got pranked: Suthirth asked me to find out how he and Sidharth met. “We go back a long way, since childhood,” he said.
Turns out they’re twins.

I’ve been interning for all of three days, but I’m going to give you some tips based on arbitrary generalization experience anyway:
1. Sign up for only those internships you’re sure you can handle. Work will be expected.
2.  Start-ups are awesome; but you have to believe in what your company does.
3. When Internshala recruits in the future, drop everything and apply (no, they did not pay me to say this). You’ll have a wonderful time.

We would like to mention that Jaai is 17 and just out of school! So yes, when she says we’re fun, we take it as an honest compliment and are content at following the Ten Commandments at Internshala.

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