Stars in Germany and more: what my first stipend did for me

Name: – Akhilesh Gannavarapu

College:  – JNTU-H

Interned at : – FHW, Germany

How will I spend my 1st internship stipend?

Although I technically received my first stipend while interning with SELCO Solar Pvt. Ltd a year ago, my first stipend that I got to use was during a wonderful 3 month period I spent in Germany. Selected by IAESTE India among a lot of students, I made my way to Germany, nervous as a cat, but with a sense of pride and accomplishment. After having a low-work 3 week period after joining my internship, I was handed my first stipend, and so many things ran through my mind. A trip to Hamburg, fine dining for a long time, maybe a trip to Berlin, adopting a child from the SOS Village… I wanted to do so many things, and thankfully, I was able to do most of them. A little pep talk from my supervisor on how to spend it and where to go did help me a lot. So after going back to my room, I packed my bag and went with the flow, and by co-incidence went to Berlinale, saw Farhan Akhtar, talked to him, shook his hand; saw Priyanka Chopra, yelled at her for not coming to our section for autographs, to which she burst out laughing and waved at me; and after waiting for ages, saw Shahrukh Khan, and although I’m not a fan of his, it was a great way of spending time, one of the best experiences a student could ask for: and all of that was with that first stipend I received. Tasting traditional German sweets, hanging out with people I barely knew–right then I grew out of my comfort zone, and that made it special.

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