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What is Internconnect?

Internconnect is a platform for you to connect with fellow students who are heading to the same city or even same company as you for an internship or first job. Connecting with them will help you solve any problem (most notable being finding an accommodation) that you may face in the new city and build a network of new friends who are in same life stage as you.

Is it useful for me?

Internconnect is useful for you if you are: –

  1. Already have an internship  want to connect with fellow interns in the same city or same organization upfront before start of the internship
  2. Going to a  new city for your first job and want to connect with other fresh graduates in the same city or same organization upfront
  3. Looking for an internship and want to leverage your network (social network + same college students) to reach out to companies/organization

How does it work?

Fairly simple! You log into Internconect with your facebook account and provide information on your internship (status, location, organization etc.). Internconnect will start displaying information of other people who are heading for a job/internship in the same city along with if you have any common friends on facebook. You can always refine/expand the search criteria basis city, organization name, gender, college etc.

Once I find fellow interns/fresh graduates that are relevant for me what do I do?

You can contact them on facebook (the id is provided in search results, drop a message) and start talking if the person responds. Plus, Internconnect also tells you how many friends you have in common with the person, making it easier for you to trust and connect with other person.

Do I control who can view my information and can contact me?

Oh yes, absolutely! You have complete control over who can search you and who can not. You can specify if you would like only those people with same gender, from same college, or atleast with one common friend to be able to search you. You can also specify if you do not want to appear in any search results. However if you make yourself invisible from appearing in anyone’s search results, you also would not be able to search anyone. The whole app is built on the concept of “Share with whom you trust” :)

If your questions has been answered, head over to Internconnect and check it out yourself!

I am “Looking for an internship”, how can Internconnect help me?

Once you register, Internconnect will start displaying information of people in your network (college or on facebook) who already have an internship or heading for a job. It would also show you which city, which company and what profile they have got the internship/job  in. Depending on your interest area and how closely you know the person appearing in search results, you can reach out to them on facebook and ask for guidance/contact and make your internship hunt more streamlined.

But the search results are empty, what do I do now?

You do not need to do anything but wait for few days. As more and more users sign up for Internconnect, the network will start becoming stronger and the search result tables would start getting populated and you would be able to find people who are relevant to your hunt. You can also help by sharing this with your friend and encouraging them to join.

What are the privacy concerns I should be aware of?

Internconnect provides you with sufficient controls and layer of protection in terms of who can find you and contact you. The controls provided by Internconnect plus the privacy control settings that you may have enabled on your facebook account should hold you in good deed regarding your safety and well being. However, its an online world, and hence exercise caution while responding to friend requests or messages from people that you do not know well. If you come across any suspicious behavior, do let us know at

I have found and connected with relevant fellow interns and I no longer wish to be contacted by others, what should I do?

Please change your search preferences (“Who can find me”) to “No one” and you would stop appearing in search results of other users. Its THAT simple :)

Sounds awesome! How much do I have to pay to use this service?

Internconnect is and will ALWAYS be free :). It is built on the simple idea that students as a community would want to help each other out and is driven by Internshala’s vision of bringing a culture of meaningful internships in India. At Internshala, we’d continue to innovate and delight you to remove every pain point that  you may face in your quest for a meaningful internship experience.  Stay tuned!

You guys are awesome, how can I help you?

If you like Internconnect, please do share it with your friends by inviting them to join (the option is given in the same menu where you can edit your profile, search preference, logout etc.). Internconnect is built on the power of community and we need as many students to use it as possible to make it work. Help us to help you :)

If all your questions are answered, head over to Internconnect and check it yourself!

If your question is not answered above, please write to us at and we’d get back to you in 48 hours.

2 thoughts on “Internconnect FAQs

  • April 20, 2012 at 1:23 AM

    Hey, your interconnect thing isn’t working… I am getting the same error every time i try to submit my basic info itself….
    It says, “You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax……………………………………………………….”
    Plz Fix that!!!

  • May 14, 2012 at 6:39 PM

    Internconnect is not working for me either.


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