I will use my first internship stipend to build an educational website for my school juniors

Name: – Nandita Jaya

College:  – BIT Mesra

How will I spend my 1st internship stipend?

“The first stipend I receive will be a return gesture for people who helped me reach this place.

As I hail from a place which suffers from a lack of educative environment, I would try and help my junior friends who are in similar state today. Every 10+2 student is confused about which institute they can join in their area and which coursebook they can follow.

I would like to purchase an IP from the stipend I get which would be a hosting a page. It will be an interactive space where students from every small city in India will provide guidance to their juniors voluntarily.

The remaining amount will go in advertising the forum, encouraging the participants and maintaining the domain in the years to come till the time I earn money for encouraging the step further.

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