My first internship stipend will get me an X-box!

Name: – Shivendra Soni

College:  – Indian Institute of Information Technology

Dream organization for internship : – Amazon

How will I spend my 1st internship stipend?

Just thinking about spending my first full fledged intern stipend, gets my thoughts interleaved into a web. Of course I am not the ungrateful guy our parents warn us against; my first ever income which was obtained after a minor freelance web assignment for a local business, I spent on a gift for mum and dad ( I wish I could ever describe  in print that expression on their faces). But as I said, about spending my first ‘full fledged stipend’, although my heart constantly tries to draw me towards the lines of charity and investment, my mind still can’t get over the fantasy of owning an X-box. Of course parents fail to see the joy acquired in aimlessly mashing keys on a game pad , but then again an amount this large to buy a recreational device must come at the price of my own sweat , not that of my parents!

Does Shivendra’s idea sound good? What did/would you do with your first stipend? Please share your story with Internshala here and you could win exciting prizes!

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