Internship with AIREP – Rural Empowerment – Ahmedabad, India

Did movie Swades strike a chord with you? At the end of it were you left overwhelmed by the humility of the villagers and the abject conditions they live in? Were you wowed by the wonders technology can do the quality of life? Did at any point in the movie you imagined yourself living a similar dream one day? If yes, this internship with AIREP is your shot at fulfilling that dream and experiencing the true spirit of Bharat in its purest form. Please don’t let the description fool you into thinking that it would be a glamorous thing to do – it would be difficult, challenging and an arduous task, but at the end of it you would have one of the best life experiences under your belt – moments that you would be proud of for rest of your life. Do visit the first link to know what I mean. The last date to apply is 30th April 2012 – hurry!

The applications are now closed for this internship. Thanks everyone for their interest and wish you all the best!

About AIREP: – AIREP (Avbodh IQG Rural Empowerment Program) ( is a group of individuals focused towards working for empowerment of Indian villages. AIREP works on three main areas, viz., Education, Vocation and Healthcare. It is operational in a cluster of 9 villages 20km south of Ahmedabad. Any new project is most welcome, if it intends to make the villages self-sustainable.

About Internship: – Internships are available in 5 different areas: –

1. Social Impact Assessment Survey
2. Taking communication skills classes
3. Teaching MS – Office and basics of computer
4. Online marketing for the Rural BPO
5. Web Designing

Who can apply: – Anyone with relevant skill set and an inclination of working for the villages can apply. The most essential requirement is love for the kids. Knowledge of Hindi is must, knowledge of Gujarati is preferable.

Location: – Paldi-Kankrej, near Ahmedabad, India

Duration: – 1 month minimum (extendable depending upon student’s interest and academic calendar)

Stipend: – AIREP being a nonprofit program, no stipend will be offered to the interns. Possible cooperation will be extended towards finding out an accommodation in Ahmedabad in case the intern belongs to some other city. If the intern intends to stay in Ahmedabad, the transportation will be arranged, however it would be preferable if the intern stays in the village. In the latter case, the accommodation charges will be paid by AIREP.

Internship specific question: – Along with your application, please also upload a document (1 page, .pdf, .doc, .rtf, <1MB) answering following questions: –

1. Which among the listed internships profiles would you like to take up?
2. Why do you like to work in the villages?
3. What is the best possible way, according to you, that will end poverty, illiteracy, unemployment etc from the whole country?

Automated Telephonic Interview: – This internship requires all the applicants to attend an automated voice interview. Details on the interview and how to attend it would be available in the confirmation email that  you will get after applying for the internship. Make sure you read it.

How to apply :- The applications are now closed for this internship. Thanks everyone for their interest and wish you all the best!

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7 thoughts on “Internship with AIREP – Rural Empowerment – Ahmedabad, India

  • April 10, 2011 at 1:54 AM

    I want to know about writing Statement of Purpose? How to write one? You got some samples ?

    • April 10, 2011 at 8:24 AM

      Please don’t “jugaad” one and write one :) – it’s a fairly simple thing – write down a para or two on why you want to do this internship, how it may fit with what you may want to do long term and any relevant past experience that helps substantiate your claim to the internship.


  • April 18, 2011 at 6:19 AM

    Lol :)


  • December 24, 2011 at 2:31 PM

    Can students too apply for this internship now?

  • August 8, 2012 at 4:05 PM

    Respected Sir/Madam,
    I am Puru pokharana, senior masters student of HDFS(Human development and family studies)department from M.S University vadodara.
    i have field experience of young children developmental activities, field experience of work with adolescent group, have taken life skill sessions.
    As per our course credit, we have to do 1 month internship, and i am interested to work in your organization as a intern.
    also before that i just want to know is this organisation working for particular target group and also are the areas of internship that you mentioned limited to those 5 areas only ?
    Waiting for your positive reply.
    Puru Pokharana.
    Sr.Msc (HDFS)
    M.S University.Vadodara.


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