I will buy a microwave oven for my mum with my internship stipend

Name: – Nawal Kishor Dwivedi

College:  – BTKIT, Dwarahat (Almora), Uttarakhand

Interning with: – BPTP, Faridabad

How will I spend my 1st internship stipend?

I would spend my internship stipend to make my mummy feel proud of me! The stipend I am going to get this summer will be the last and comparatively a huge saving amount for an awesome gift for my mother. For the last two years I have been saving Rs 500 (or more)  each time from my pocket money.  My mother is an excellent cook. She can produce all different tastes but the one thing she doesn’t have is a microwave oven.
Yes, it is the lack of a microwave oven which stops her from making cheesy pizzas, burgers and delicious roasted kebabs. But no more waits!  Finally I have an internship at BPTP, Faridabad for two months and a stipend of Rs 3000 is going to be last sum for a much awaited gift for my mom, on her 43rd birthday. Certainly a brand new microwave oven as a birthday gift from her student son is going to make her feel proud.

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