I will use my first stipend to bring back a lost smile

Name: – Richa Kala

College: – Doaba Group of Colleges

Dream organization for internship: – Internshala

How will I spend my 1st internship stipend?

I have been wondering from childhood about what to do with my own money. The ideas of using it have kept changing (including gifts for my parents and brother, charity, savings etc.). But now I think that this money should serve another purpose. This should be given to the person whom I admire the most: my ‘Nani’. She is 80, uneducated and yet the most respected and influential person in my life. All through her life, she cared for 4 children, 12 grand-children and 42 other relatives. All of them lead good lives now but today she needs the same care that she used to give them earlier. All of us know the sad condition of old people in our society–there is no one around to even console her. The moment I have the money I’ll keep the amount at her feet and I know this will be the best day of her life. I know she will kiss my forhead, give me her blessings and give the amount back to me. But I want to bring back that smile on her face that she has lost years ago.

Do Richa’s plans inspire you? What did/will you do with your first stipend? Tell us here and you could win exciting prizes!

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