Dinners, secret bank accounts…my first stipend will serve many purposes!

Name: – Pranav Gandhi

College:  – NIT, Surat

Dream organization for internship : – IIT Madras

How will I spend my 1st internship stipend?

Well, to be frank, I propose to use my stipend in ways more than one. Here’s my plan:

1. First of all, the obvious. After returning from Chennai, I shall give the full amount of my stipend to my mother who’s the perennial source of encouragement for me ( I got a 9 pointer just because she told me to in my previous semester, NOT that I cannot secure it normally! ). And then she’ll obviously return the amount, as always! :)

2. Step two: I shall treat my family to a nice buffet dinner at the TAJ in Vadodara, my hometown!

3. I shall deposit about 2000 bucks in my secret bank account meant for expenses when I FINALLY manage to hook up with my future ‘girlfriend’!

4. The rest of the amount shall be deposited in my non-secret bank accounts, as usual! :) .

Are Pranav’s plans fun? What did/will you do with your first internship stipend? Tell us here and you could win exciting prizes!

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