“What did/will I do with my first stipend?”

Internshala has a team of kick-ass, best in class, can give professionals a run for their money sort of interns handling various aspects of the business. Almost all of these, smarter than me, kids work with Internshala for the love of it, because there is only so much rich one can get by interning at a bootstrapped start up.

So when I asked them what did/will they do with their first stipend at Internshala (for most it was their first EVER income), I was expecting some eyebrows raised & some nasty comments thrown-in on the lines of “Yeah, that change. It came really handy to put in the slot of public telephone when I was making all those business calls!”

To my pleasant surprise however, we got a variety of responses. Some funny and some moving. I did promise the best answer to get a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates and I can’t seem to decide. If you’d like to help, why don’t you tell us which one did you like the most in the comments section below the post and let the best win! :)

Suthirth(Social Media Intern)

Well, as everyone on my Google Talk Chat list would know – I spent it to attend an Opeth Concert at Bangalore. :)

The tickets cost a whooping Rs.1375 (after I missed the Rs. 800 early bird tickets by a few hours!) and I had transport to worry about as well. Knowing very well that my parents were not going to sanction the expense of a concert where, in my mother’s words – “Pay to get your ears damaged” :). Opeth had been one of my favorite bands, and I had been dying to attend one of their concerts for quite a while. And finally when they did come to India, Internshala came to my rescue and enabled me to fulfill my dream! =)

Without saying, the concert was awesome – worth every penny. Thanks a ton, Internshala! :)

PS: Sorry if I’ve disappointed anyone who expected replies on the lines of an investment / saving / charity etc. :P

Abhishek (Web Development Intern)

My (younger) brother, a 3rd year B.Tech student, arrived home in an early morning train and I on purpose didn’t go to receive him. I wasn’t even home yet. I arrived home in the evening, there he was waiting, and spontaneously instructing me “Bhaiya, you are to join Samsung in a couple of months, I want a ###### from your very first salary!!”

The very moment later he was speechless.

He didn’t have the slightest idea that I had brought with me a brand new guitar for him for which he waiting since my placement back in august. I also bought my mom a watch, unexpected by everyone (and got scolded for that though)It wasn’t just my first stipend though, It was my first and second both combined, spent them all for one precious priceless smile of joy.

Sidharth (Business Development Intern)

I was really excited to receive my first paycheck. It wasn’t the prospect of becoming richer by that amount per se, but the very fact that I was earning something that got me excited. In hindsight, I can’t really recall what happened to it. I guess compiling all the different views, here’s what I think, happened.

PS: Ferror Rocher is my favourite chocolate!

Sowmya (Employer Relations Intern)

I don’t really think I’m actually ever going to spend it! But if I do,I just want to buy mom and dad gifts! The traditional first income funda!:)

Sonal (Editorial Intern)

My first salary was a sum of Rs.3000 I had earned by anchoring a show when I was sixteen years of age. I used one-third of it for the new year celebrations at Bal Mandir, an orphanage where a few friends and I used to read out stories to kids. The rest of it went to my parents. I was living with family then and felt no need to spend it on anything as all my wants were attended to.

What did I do with my first Internshala salary? Invested it in an in-campus magazine I was working on and made a profit of it. ;)

Abhinav (Web Development Intern)

Well, I think this stipend came to rescue me at the correct moment. Recently, my lappy was giving me a great deal of problem- automatic shutdowns and other such issues. And I was thinking of buying an external hard disk from a long time which could be serve as a backup for the data residing in my lappy. So this stipend contributed to the investment involved in buying the external hd :)

So what do you think, who among the entries above deserves the chocolate box, do let us know in the comments.

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