The 9 most exotic places to intern at

Interning at Google this summer? Pooh. J.P. Morgan Chase? Unexciting. These supposedly awesome internships pale when compared to these!

1. Disney: — That name really says it all. Imagine getting paid to work with the company that gave you all those childhood memories. Imagine doing a culinary internship on the Disney Cruise Line, which goes to places like the Bahamas, Hawaii, the Mexican Riviera…beats Masterchef any day, doesn’t it? Or imagine working at one of the Walt Disney World resorts! Currently only culinary internships are available, but an opportunity can appear any time.

2. Crocodile Bank: — We know you’ve always thought your boss is a sort of crocodile, but what if you could intern with real crocodiles? The Madras Crocodile Bank offers volunteer programs that include feeding crocodiles among other things. For a small fee, you can even go snake-catching with the Irulas, a tribe primarily known for its expertise in that activity.

3. Hollywood: — This one’s quite popular, and understandably so. And these aren’t acting internships: there are opportunities available in HR, Graphic Design, marketing, Legal, Journalism and several other fields. We are not sure if Indian students are allowed to apply everywhere, though this ad from NBC Universal Studios just states that you must be “authorized to participate in an unpaid internship in the US”.

4. Prisons: — An unusual place to intern at, and one that would make any student’s resume look extremely interesting.Prison Fellowship International, for example, offers internships in Communications and Marketing, Justice Reform and Leadership Formation. They have long-distance internship options too. In addition, there are various prison internship opportunities for Psychology students.

5. New Zealand Cricket Players Association: — This internship is literally all play and no work. Interns are expected to play cricket, coach and organize cricket events. What more can a cricket fan ask for? Sadly, this is an unpaid internship—check out the details here.

6. IPL: — Another, arguably more glamorous, cricket internship where you not only get to watch cricketing legends and other stars, you get paid for it (and for doing your job, of course, which includes checking on super-famous guests and assisting in ticket sales, press activities and crowd control). Being part of a cricket club in your city may help you land this internship. Read the news article about it here.

7. CIA: — Just so you don’t get disappointed after reading the awesome description, we’re mentioning it now: only US citizens can apply. This is actually an internship with National Clandestine Services, where interns work to collect human intelligence about critical international developments. The coolest part: they ask you to keep your application a secret. If we give you any more details, we’ll have to kill you.

8. Auroville: — This UNESCO-endorsed township near Pondicherry is an experiment in human unity. Contrary to common perception, Auroville is not about spirituality only. It is a vision about perfect equality. Explore opportunities on their website and check out volunteering opportunities here.

9. The Ministry of Magic: — If only this was real. We shall now lament about how the Harry Potter universe is tragically non-existent. Meanwhile, tell us about other exotic internships you’ve come across!

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