I gave part of my first stipend to an NGO and I don’t regret it

Name: – Sudipto Paul

College: — NIILM-CMS, Greater Noida

Name of organization interned with: – Bain & Co. India Pvt. Ltd.

How did I spend my 1st internship stipend?

I got my stipend after a lot of hard work and weeks of toiling away in the Delhi summer and rains! So I knew what it was worth. Before that I was also part of a social responsibility project and was associated with an NGO called Vishram Vridh Ashram. I saw there with my own eyes how certain people were working really hard to cure and care for abandoned parents. I therefore decided to give away a part of my time and money for that NGO, as it really was working for a most noble cause. I deposited part of the rest of my stipend in my bank account and tried to cover up for the expenses incurred during my internship. I think it was the best thing to do at that time, and today I don’t for one moment regret my decisions.

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