With my first internship stipend, I bought groceries to feel like the man of the house!

Name: – Vaibhav Mehta

College: – St. Peter’s Engineering College

Dream organization for internship: – Yashraj Films

How did I spend my 1st internship stipend?

I earned 3000 bucks by doing some offshore work on building acoustics.
I spentsome of it to buy groceries , so that for once I could get the feel of being the man of the house; till then I always felt like useless entity on planet Earth. Also I treated my Mom and Dad at a 5-star restaurant as I always wanted to make them proud (or atleast feed my Ego that i could treat them with my meagre earnings!)
And the rest was spent in gifting chocolates to the children of my building’s watchman as I love putting a smile on faces; and no wonder the naughty kids had a wild sheepish grin on their faces with the glow of a CFL bulb–that was priceless!

What do you think of Vaibhav’s story? How did/will you spend your first stipend? Tell us here and you could win exciting prizes!

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