I will buy Kharagpur souvenirs with my first stipend

Name: – Vishal Gupta

College: — IIT Kharagpur

Interning at: – Hubtown Limited

How will I spend my 1st internship stipend?

With over 2 weeks left for my internship, the stipend still seems distant. That too a miserly sum of 5,000 rupees for 2 months (not to mention the free accommodation and food I enjoyed). But for my 18 year (plus 36 months) old needs, the sum seems lofty enough. Since my first year in college I’d seen seniors and batch-mates alike buying all sorts of Kharagpur souvenirs  like bags, t-shirts, sweats, and in some cases even gifts for their girlfriends. It was in that moment that I decided what I was going do with my internship stipend. I was not going to use my parents’ money for these souvenirs; I was going to buy them with my own. Now with one year left at college and the feeling that I have earned, I know I’ve a lot of t-shirts and bags to buy. Plus a nice sweatshirt by the fest team.

But that would mean I’ll be saving a good amount from my stipend. So what am I to do with it? A part of me asks me to invest it. For the first time I’d have money in my hands and I can nurture it to grow. But I know there are responsibilities as a senior now! Treats for juniors and (dry) parties with friends. I think that would be (more than) enough to drain away my stipend. So that’s going to be the story of my stipend.

Anyway, I need to get back to work now. If someone sees me dreaming about my stipend here, then farewell to my dreams of shirts and treats!

Are Vishal’s plans fun? Tell us here what you did/would do with your first internship stipend and you could win exciting prizes!

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