I will spend all my internship stipend on myself

Name: – Mallika Chakrawarti

College: — National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi

Dream designer for internship: – Manish Arora

How will I spend my 1st internship stipend?

Believe me, I don’t know the first thing about embroidery, making patterns on fabric or even cutting fabric in a particular way. Despite my lack of knowledge or expertise in the world of fashion, I find myself in the National Institute of Fashion Technology. I have to sadly begin by saying that I don’t intend to be a designer, because my interests lie in a completely different line altogether. Like most confused young adults of my age, I realized this a little too late. Until I can change my field, I will intern as a designer and learn all that I can in these 3 years.

I’m a dreamer, and I dream big. If I ever get a chance, I will intern with none other than Manish Arora. Not Sabyasachi, not Manish Malhotra, not even Ritu Kumar. It has to be Manish Arora! I don’t know if this gentleman recruits designers annually, nor have I tried to find out if interning with him is at all possible. I’m just guided by the blind belief that if I work with someone like him, I will learn something worthwhile. After all, if I have step into the earner phase, I need to polish my skills and fill myself in with any experience I can get my hands on.

If I do land an internship with Manish Arora and receive my first stipend, I will go crazy. I will spend all the money on myself! I will probably get a hair spa done, or I’ll buy a costly designer dress, or I’ll simply throw a party. BUT I will choose to be selfish with my very first stipend. I’m a hard worker, and my journey to bagging an internship with a prestigious designer is surely not going to be easy. I will have to give up on a lot of comforts, work like a donkey, go without sleep for days together. And after my severe penance and abstinence from the things I love to do, I will finally get to work with my dream designer. So my urge to spend recklessly on myself with my first stipend would not be unjustified.

Achieving anything in life is not easy. Sheer hard work will not get you through your career. Hard work has to be accompanied by other qualities as well. So my only advice to the people who are reading this is: do not ever question your dreams. However unreal, corny and baseless they may seem, your dreams will never fail to motivate you in the worst of times. You just need to believe. Whether it has to do with your first job or first stipend, never cease to believe!

4 thoughts on “I will spend all my internship stipend on myself

  • February 20, 2017 at 8:48 PM

    am beenu yadav i am become fashion designing coures complite at allahabad.my dream is i work with manish arora and manish melhotra.its my big dream.
    my coures complite is may 2017. i really request you sir plz get me once chance

  • June 18, 2019 at 5:24 PM

    I am Snehlata Bhatter from IFS-Institute of Fashion Studies (Surat)
    It’s my dream to work with an ace Designer Manish Malhotra and Manish Arora
    Is there any opportunity ??

    • June 19, 2019 at 5:19 PM

      Hi Snehlata,

      Thank you for writing in.

      We do not have any current information regarding internship opportunities with Designer Manish Malhotra or Manish Arora.



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