I will loan my first stipend to an underprivileged stranger

Name: – Pranav Ram V

College: — NITK Surathkal

Interned at: – PlaynSpeak

How would I spend my 1st internship stipend?

The summer has brought in one too many changes and is moulding me into a better, friendlier and nicer person. My summer internship has definitely been one of the catalysts in the process. Apart from the tremendous learning opportunities, I feel it has helped me achieve a true sense of perfection and satisfaction in any activity I take up.

Awareness of micro-finance organisations like Milaap always brought a sense of responsibility in me and I felt I could contribute in some way. To loan money and help someone achieve their dreams, well, that is my top priority once I get my stipend. A stipend is a reward of your efforts and this could be well utilized by aiding a stranger get the fruits of his hard work and dedication. And the good part is, it’ll be just a loan and  I would always get the money back. :)
So, this is what I would do with my first stipend. Live and let live!

Is Pranav’s idea inspiring? Tell us here what you did/would do with your first stipend and you could win exciting prizes!

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