My first stipend will give me hope and inspiration in the future

Name: – Hamza Khan

College: — VIT University

Interned at: – Indian Academy of Sciences

How will I spend my 1st internship stipend?

14,000 bucks for a second year B. Tech student is like a fortune. At first I decided to spend every penny of it on the things I desired but now after completing 2 months of internship, away from home, working day and night, reading journals, scratching my head for experimental results, etc., I have realised that this sum of money which I got as stipend was very different from what I used to get every month from my father as pocket money, which I spent lavishly without giving it a second thought.

Now I realize what elders used to term “Mehnat ki kamai”. This sounds weird but I am going to deposit the money in a fixed deposit for the next 10 years. Whenever in the future I feel low about being unsuccessful at something I could look at the FD document and regain my hope that if I could be successful at some time in the past, then I could do the same in the future too! Rs. 14,000 , my first stipend, my first hope! :)

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