I shared the joy of my first internship stipend with others

Name: – Sanjani Shah

College: — INIFD

Interned at: – St. Kabir Indian International School

How did I spend my 1st internship stipend?

I had been offered the job of a choreographer by St. Kabir School for their pre-primary annual concert. It was a huge responsibility. I enjoyed every bit of it — working with students, song selections, costume selections, etc.

Like any other person, even I was excited when I got my stipend. My first earning! I was going bananas all over it. I’d decided to shop till I dropped, but then when I went to the mall I saw two small girls asking for money. They didn’t even have slippers to wear and even their clothes were not proper. Then a little voice inside my head told me to bring a smile on their faces. I went and bought clothes, footwear and candies for them. The glow and smiles on their faces was enough to light up my day!

Sharing your joy with others is definitely a pleasure.

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