Summer Internship with QuizWorks – Akhilesh from JNTU

Daily Winner for: –  26th July 2012

Name of the intern: –  Akhilesh Gannavarapu

Institute: –  Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University

Organization interned with: –  QuizWorks (

So here I was, just back from Germany and already securing an internship at one of the best organizations to be a part of, QuizWorks. I had heard a lot about the company, how it is one of the most creative places to work at. On my first day, I meet a person who ends up becoming a really close friend, and she hands me a notepad and a pen, telling me to keep them with me always, as they will be of great importance; and sure enough they were. I always try to think of my boss as a character. My ex boss (German) was more like Santa Claus, so I try to come up with something that would make me feel more comfortable (I have a weird sense of humour); then I find out what he is like, and boy was it a shock. Imagine a guy who has Tourette’s, then a guy who likes to drink and party, then a workaholic. Now mash them together and you have him! At first it felt strange to be called *bleep* in a nice way (“Aa *bleep* baith, biscuit khayega?” isn’t probably what you’d expect from your boss), but that aside, I’m glad I landed here.

It took me a month to find my comfort zone, and now, everyday is a new beginning. I find myself staying back till 10 PM sometimes, not because I’m asked to, but because I want to! Ha, there is your surprise of the year! It was for me. Then there are the times when we have fun, although my idea of fun is pulling my colleagues’ legs, and sometimes my boss’s too. He would be smoking (he shouldn’t), and I’d slowly go up to him and say, “Boss, give me your wife’s number,” to which he’d turn around and say “Bleep!”, or me pulling his leg for eating vegetarian food, or “grass” as he calls it, because he has to. Or making fun of my colleagues for whatever small reasons, everyday is filled with humour, work, creative ideas and “Give me the phone!” shouts.

I’ve learnt a lot from my boss, starting from scratch. I felt great when I brought in some clients, or when some lady told my boss that I was “stubborn”, and she was forced to set up a meeting with us. If I had the choice to go anywhere else, I wouldn’t. And that is as true as anything can be! I’ve met an inspirational person, who believes he can conquer the world, and be stern yet compassionate at the same time. I’ve met some really nice people, made some really good friends; it feels more like a collaboration of people who want to excel, rather than an office. Excellent food from the office kitchen doesn’t hurt either. The best part is, I still have halfway to go!

I remember the first words my boss told me, “Even after you’re done with your internship, you’ll always be a part of QuizWorks. You’re not an intern, I’m not your boss. We’re all working for the same thing, to excel”. There have been days when I’m sure he must have gotten mad at me, and there were days when I got completely burnt out. But there was always that common aim that made us get up time and again. Whether it be the success of a project, or when the chips were down when something didn’t work out, QuizWorks has been a family through thick and thin. I wouldn’t leave this opportunity for anything in the world, and I’m glad I chose the right company. I’m sure I’ll have many more stories to tell by the end of my internship in 3 months, but my association with the company and the people will always continue. Ironically, I got this chance through Internshala, which is my prize on its own; because as I see it, I already won 3 months ago. Nothing can beat that.

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  • July 30, 2012 at 4:57 PM

    Truly inspiring! :’)

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