I surprised my parents with my first stipend and internship certificate

Name: – Kunwarpreet Singh

College: — Shri Guru Gobind Singh College Of Commerce, Delhi University

Dream organization for internship: – Google

How did I spend my 1st internship stipend?

“You will know when you earn yourself,” my Mom said.
“Earn a penny for me and I will remain silent for the rest of my life,” Dad said

These words were a regular dose for me when ever I went out with my friends or for shopping. But I knew, one day God would shower his mercy on me and I did eventually get an internship. A student with an academic record like mine would, under usual circumstances, hardly get a stipend of over 1500 bucks, but I don’t know what the bank officials saw in me that they agreed to pay me 5000 bucks and a thousand bucks as travel allowance.

I didn’t tell anyone anything at home about my internship, because I wanted to surprise them. Then came the day when I got my stipend – a total of 6000 bucks. I now knew what it takes to earn that much; I had sacrificed 2 hours of my morning sleep and 4 weekend trips with my friends and much more. But it was worth it; I felt happier than I had felt when I got a 60 in my house exams without any backs.

Then I went back home and waited for my dad to return from work as I did not want to repeat the same exercise twice for both my parents. As he rang the bell, I rushed out of my room to open the door.

My dad was surprised to see me at the door: it was just 6 and I was home. Then I took his bag and kept it in his room. Then, I just took out 6000 bucks from my pocket and presented it in front of him. He suddenly stood up and asked, staring at me, if I had stolen that money. When he fell silent after few minutes, I presented my internship certificate to him. He had tears in his eyes and so did my mother, it was the first time that they were crying and I was smiling.

Without saying anything he handed me the entire amount and just kept his hand over my head and remained silent. I went and bought jalebis and rabri for dessert, as now even I was the earning man in the family – not the breadwinner but at least I could take care of the dessert!

I spent the rest of it celebrating with my friends and on shopping. I still had some money left over; I silently put it in my father’s savings drawer because his name had helped me get my internship ;)

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