I will always be a part of Internshala – The Family!

Sowmya, another prized recruit from IIT Madras in Internshala team (thanks to Jithin’s awesome PR skills),  led Publicity efforts for Internfair and managed interactions with 400+ campuses all over India. After Internfair, she joined Internshala again to manage Employer  relations for a short period of time and is now permanent member of Internshala Goodwill Ambassadors team :)

It all started one fine day when Jithin, my senior asked me if I was interested in interning from home during the December holidays. Considering I had spent a large chunk of my summer vacation wishing I had something fruitful to do instead of lazing around throughout the day, I readily agreed. And that’s when I was introduced to Internshala!

Jithin , who was heading the Sponsor, PR, and Publicity team from IIT Madras, asked me to choose a partner who would help me out. I asked my roommate and friend Pallavi if she was up for it and she took it too.

Our work which started in December consisted of publicizing Internshala’s new contest Internfair in about 400 colleges across the country, a giant feat in which we were helped by 4 of our juniors who pitched in their time and efforts too.

The excitement and anxious of calling Placement Heads and pitching our contest was a major element in our work. While some would respond positively, others would not even listen to us! Finally our patience did pay off and the contest saw huge participation from all over the country. And while working in an office can be boring, interning for the first time and yet knowing that it is your effort that would determine the success of the contest to a great extent is a completely different feeling.

Looking back, all those hours of collecting data, pitching, mailing posters, the long conference calls, the anger outbursts, and working under pressure are just sweet memories of an awesome experience. And of course, how can I forget the proud moment of receiving my first paycheck! I am pretty sure I’m never going to end up spending that amount!

Though I’m no longer a part of Internshala – the company, I will always be a part of Internshala – The Family!

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