Summer Internship in Chennai – SSN College of engineering – I learnt how a computer reads and writes in Tamil

About Author: Vignesh Rajasekaran, a 4th year B.Tech (IT Engineering) student in SSN College of Engineering did his internship in Speech Synthesis in Chennai.

The One on Brand – Who would not love to work for their nation? I got a chance to work on a project proposal made by the Government of India. It doesn’t take me more than a minute to get on with it.

The One on Work – The main stream of project flows with the working on my mother tongue Tamil. The fun started when I learnt how computer reads and writes in Tamil. I loved it.

The One on Stipend – More than I could expect came when I wasn’t expecting(Who would expect stipend for having fun?) it.

The One on Guide – My guide was the man I admired the most. The way he walked while chafing his beard with one hand and his pocket in the other, always thinking of something. He was my fantasy.

The One on Work Culture – The organization consisted of specific people with delicate set of skills.

What more to dive into details?

On the first day we were made to wait in a room filled with the excitement of all the new interns. My professor entered the room introducing himself as: “a faculty in this department and they currently call me the HOD”. Followed it was a lecture on the whole project which took me a little more time to decipher, yet I was successful in discovering my part in the ‘big deal. Initially I was told to read and understand a code which read and writes in Tamil. The feel you get when you see your mother tongue in a place where you have only seen a universal language cannot be expressed in words. It was simply awesome!

After that it was all fun – that I could break my lingo, writing scripts for tasks to work on Tamil, making friends in other domains, seeing what they do and explaining to them what I did, working in a multifaceted room, the way we tested, and the way we spoke out each word for testing. All fun. I still can’t say that the internship actually ended because we are allowed to join the project anywhere and any time till it is being carried out. And we are still on, cause I just couldn’t let it go.

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