Summer Internship with — Gitanjali Maria from LIBA

Wildcard Entry for: –  6th August 2012

Name of the intern: –  Gitanjali Maria

Institute: –  LIBA, Chennai

Organization interned with: –

It was after many attempts at attempting interviews for different companies for an internship opportunity that I finally made it through’s procedures. It was a pleasant surprise too as I was not a candidate on the main list, but was specially chosen to be tried to out to match my fit because the internship was for marketing and I had given my preference as finance. This internship helped me expel my irrational belief that all marketing jobs are sales jobs.

I was put under the product development team and was given the task of coming out with ideas that could potentially help increase the number of visitors to the website as also increase revenues generated from customers under a particular business vertical. It involved a lot of brainstorming sessions and ideation meetings. I had never before known that such sessions really do occur in the corporate wherein you can throw out any random weird idea and still not be criticized for it. I always thought they existed only in management ‘funda’ textbooks. I also learned that it is not just sufficient to have good ideas, but that you should be able to convince the other person about the worthiness of it. I understood that being vocal is essential to ensure that your idea does not get trampled. I also learnt that backing of intuitive understanding with data helps in taking decisions more confidently. Being my first experience working with a web company, I realized the power and vast potential of the internet and was able to learn more about the myriad tools offered online.

Having been assigned to a group of relatively young managers, the work-place relationships were quite cool and informal and we were considered as equals. We were a group of four interns and had a nice time working together and having fun. Every afternoon used to be a test of innovativeness, adventure and excitement as we explored almost all the eating joints in and around the company location for lunch options. It probably was my best two months in Chennai, despite the hot weather.

Another thing taught me was how to manage myself at corporate meals and dinners. Having never attended corporate dinners with bosses and colleagues, I tended to get nervous even at the thought of it and lamented how I was not able to enjoy the good food due to the stiff (my perceived notion) environment. With many lunch meetings and formal dining out experiences during my internship, I learned how to remain calm and composed and to relax in such situations also and to enjoy the food! Despite being there for only a short period of two months we were considered just like full time employees. My birthday that fell during the period was celebrated by cutting a cake and splashing the cream on my face. We were also involved in various fun based activities celebrated at the office. On a whole the internship had the right mix of learning and fun.

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