Summer internship with Yahoo! — Aditya from IIT Kharagpur

Wildcard Entry for: –  15th August 2012

Name of the intern: –  Aditya

Institute: –  IIT Kharagpur 

Organization interned with: –  Yahoo!

I am a final year student of Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Kharagpur and here I am, to share my Summer Internship experience with everyone. The selection procedure for the summer internships in our campus started in August, 2011. There was a lot of excitement within everyone as many dream companies like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Amazon etc. were to come for selecting students for their Summer Internship Program. Though I didn’t get selected in Facebook or Google, I was shortlisted by Yahoo. Then I had an hour long telephonic interview with the Yahoo guy, and finally in a week or so, the results were out and I was selected for the Yahoo Summer Internship. That was one of the happiest moments in my life.

My internship was based in Bangalore, a city I always looked forward to. Another semester passed. The time for me to Yahoooooo! Had finally come. I had to report to the Yahoo office on May 14th. Due to some changes in the date of the internship, I had to book the train tickets a week earlier. It was impossible to get a ticket to Bangalore then. I had a wait list ticket to Bangalore. It’s a 36 hours journey, but left with no other option, I boarded the train. It was one hell of a journey for me. Thank god I reached there somehow. But the climate of Bangalore was just awesome to bring me back to life again!

Monday, May 14: I left at 8am for the Yahoo office. It was located in the Embassy Golf Links Business Park. When I reached there, I saw a perfect bliss. It was an amazing location with so many big companies there like IBM, Microsoft, GS, etc. I headed towards Yahoo. There, I saw, Muthusamy Chelliah, the man who got me into Yahoo! I was with one of my friends, Bhavesh. We both were welcomed by Muthu and Shilpi Singh, the HR. When I went inside, the office was such beautifully decorated and then my eyes went on to the other 40 interns waiting for further instructions of the HR. We were taken to a seminar room called Lamborghini for a small orientation program. We were asked to fill some forms and then it was Snacks time! Then we had a few hours of technical orientation session and then asked to collect our security badges and the laptops provided by Yahoo. Fortunately, mine was Mac. But due to some misunderstanding, I was told that I would get it by a delay of few days. No problem! Then, Shilpi introduced me to my Manager, Anis. I was really happy as everything was going so well. Anis and I had small discussion about my interests and all. This was all for the first day. Next day, First thing I did was to meet Anis. He gave me a few topics to study online and introduced me to my Mentor, Lech. Lech was a kind of guy who would always be very supportive and helpful. Then after seeing Lech, I started studying the topics Anis asked me to.

Everything was going fine. Yahoo provided us with great flexibility of work, great food and great working culture. Weeks passed by, and I had almost finished understand the basics of what my project was based on, i.e., OpenID. Then I sat down with Lech to decide the topic of my project. He gave me few options and I had to choose. After going through all of them, I decided that my topic would be to Integrate Twitter Identity to Enrich User Experience. Lech made the timeline for the different aspects of tasks and with this I started working on my project. Well, I almost forgot, I used to stay there in a PG with 2 of my college friends Bhavesh(popularly known as Bhati) and Swarn(Doga). Swarn was interning in HP. We used to have lot of fun, like going out every evening, having great food,shopping. May be its the frustration of no food joints in Kharagpur, that every or the other evening we went to Mc.Donalds or KFC or Pizza Hut. Got bored eventually. It was the first week of June. I got my first stipend from Yahoo. It was party time. So I went out with other friends. That was one memorable evening I remember which I can’t share: P Everything was going so well. I kind of liked my project because it was something that would be seen by millions of users coming to Yahoo Page. Another 3-4 weekends passed. Playing snooker, carom in the office hours was fun. In one of the weekends, we had this roadtrip to Hogekkanal Falls, 160 kms from Bangalore. It was an awesome trip with loads of fun.

Eventually, by the 1st week of July, I had almost completed my internship task. We were asked to prepare the final presentation which was going to be held on 14th of July. So, with the help of Lech, my mentor, I made the final presentation. Lech seemed very happy with my work and I was really happy about that. The Final Presentation Day: My slot was like almost towards the last. So I had enough time to relax and see through others presentation. It was now time for me to go to the podium and give the presentation. I started speaking about the business need, the solution, and then I gave a small demo of the app I made, and then I listed the things I learned during my internship, and finally the vote of thanks to my manager, my mentor, and the HR. It went pretty well. All in all it was of 12 minutes duration. Lech praised me, I couldn’t have been happier. I had my train back to home the next morning. So, I had to wind up things I did and go through the exit process. I handed over all the codes and documents to Lech. I met my manager, Anis. He too was happy with my work and we had a small discussion and a goodbye talk.

There was this Interns Fun Event as this was the last day. We had to do all random impromptu stuffs. We did a play and lot of other such stuffs. It was an eventful last day! I had so much fun. It was time for me to say good bye to everyone, to my friends, my team members. I was feeling sad that I had to leave Yahoo and most importantly the best city I have known, Bangalore. To end the night, I went to see Cocktail movie with Bhavesh. This is how my internship at Yahoo ended. Overall, it was a great 2 months I had, with so much fun filled events, such cool people and an awesome internship job. I miss being there. Yahoo! rocks

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