Summer Internship in Jaipur – Vintech Software – where I learnt the importance of internships

About Author: Varshi Gupta, a pre final B.Tech ( Computer Science) student at MITS, Laxmangarh interned with Vintech Software in Jaipur, Rajasthan in the Web Development profile.

Before May 2012, I was among those who considered internships as just a “formality for completing engineering” or as “something good to look at on my CV”. I was half expecting it to be a come, get attendance and go kind of thing but what I wasn’t taking seriously enough turned out to be one of the most amazing summer I ever spent!

 I chose to do an internship with Vintech Softwares, Jaipur who are in business primarily for web and desktop applications development since it came highly recommended from one of my seniors. Mr. Vinod Mangal, owner of the prestigious company was our mentor and guide for the whole term and created a friendly learning atmosphere for us 4 interns. Being like-minded, we all hit off from the first day and had our share of laughs, mischief, friendship and of course learning; lots of it. Since the beginning, sir made it clear that if we wanted to learn anything we would have to put our utmost efforts, though that didn’t mean we couldn’t have fun. In the initial training period we learnt some basics of ASP.NET and then were assigned an online E-Newspaper website project. Where we were supposed to work for just around 5-6 hours, we began putting in 8-9 hours. Even Sundays were spent thinking about how to make the website different and at the same time more reliable.

For the first time in my life, I was so absorbed in doing something and I loved each minute of it. That is what surprised me the most and I realized that this is what I wanted to do and where I belonged professionally. Though it was frustrating at times when something didn’t work the way it was supposed to, even after spending hours over it or when you accidentally forgot to save something and then spent hours doing it again, it was 100% worth it. In those two months we interns became good friends having constantly relied on each other for saving each others neck to complete the work before deadlines. Our banter with sir for extending deadlines, exchanging smiles behind his back, pranks, mind boggling problems, coding our hearts out, how-to-do-what-you-can’t-do sessions, Mirinda (cold drink) breaks etc. are some memories that I’ll cherish forever.

After all that’s what internships are supposed to be, right? To experience a different work culture, to make new friends, to learn, to enjoy your work and most importantly to know what you really want to do in your life. And mine gave me all that. I am thankful that my perception about internships was proven wrong and I got to experience a memorable time, made friends for life and even created something that actually looks nice on my CV! ;)

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