The Apprentices Act, 1961 — Demystified for Students

“Bridging careers, building careers.” That’s the slogan in a promotional video released by the Board of Apprenticeship Training, Western Region. That is indeed the idea behind the Apprentices Act, 1961: to help fresh engineers (who just graduated) get valuable experience and hence improve their employability. Along with on the job training, students have the possibility of being offered a permanent position post training. For companies, it is a one-stop destination to recruit trainees and possibly full-time workers. There are four regional boards under the Ministry of Human Resources Development. The Act, like any other Act, is boring and sleep-inducing, so we created an infographic aimed at students:



The links given in the infographic are as follows:

Western region:

Northern region:

Southern region:

Eastern region:

The Act itself:

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