Three things I want to do before I graduate — celebrating the end of an era!

Surojit Chakraborty is a final year Master’s student at IIT Kharagpur. He won Internshala’s Guest Article writing contest on “Three things I want to do before I graduate”. Read on, a delightful entry!

The wish bug bit me a long time ago when I looked like a hobbit in my school uniform, resulting in an intense urge to become the next Mike Tyson. But that wish remained just that — a wish, and if my present zero pack abs is anything to go by, I will have to wait for my next birth to chew off Holyfield’s ear. But that slight setback doesn’t deter me from sitting down to pen this little masterpiece of mine dwelling on the three things I want to do before I graduate. Now, if my track record is anything to go by, I wouldn’t be very optimistic of these aspirations as well, but I have decided to take a leap of faith, so here go my three pre-graduation objectives.

1. Finish the books lying on my shelf

Call it a virtue or vice, but I always seem to buy more books than I can assimilate in my little brain. Besides, with the film industry people going overdrive in releasing new movies, making time for a magnum opus has become all the more tough. And besides, the term ‘shelf’ here includes everything from my table to my cupboard to all the boxes of books lying around in my room leaving very little space for human movement. Anyway, I am really working hard towards this particular aim and have, in the last one year, ravished thousands of pages of Kafka, Dante, Wodehouse and of course, our very dear Mr. Shakespeare who seems to take great pleasure in torturing young souls with his alien take on the English language. So going by the present rate, this wish is definitely gonna turn into a reality soon and hopefully add on to my immense nerd knowledge base.

2. Turn a new leaf

If you were thinking that I only vie for mundane things like books and boxing gloves, you were very wrong, my friend. I am also looking forward to bring a great transformation within myself in the next couple of months before I graduate. And turning a new leaf is my cordial way of saying ‘I want to quit being lazy.’ While my room-mate goes running at the break of dawn, I very happily continue with my peaceful slumber. While others go swimming, I sit on a chair and try to make sense of Sibelius’ compositions. But enough is enough. I am gonna rewrite my persona in the six months. I have already expedited my
waking hour and have given up my bike in an attempt to allow my legs to work a little more. Hopefully by next June, all the lazy bones in my body would be gone. See you all then.

3. Bunk, bunk and bunk some more

I sadly admit that the picture you have made up in your mind of a bespectacled, healthy (fat is a cruel word, you see), nerdy me is quite close to reality. But I haven’t been immune to evolution. By and by, I have made an honest attempt in bringing down my attendance from almost 100% during my school days to a dangerously low level that I cannot disclose lest any professor reads this and decides to slay me. You see, I have just realized, this is most probably the end of my life as a student. So it is high time I made amends and took every opportunity of bunking a class. And I call out to all my geek brothers to follow suit and not lose this last chance of living your life outside the four walls of the classroom and far away from the sermons of the unworldly professors. So tear off your daily routine, party late and wake up later. After all, this is the end of an era.

What are your three goals to achieve before graduating? Tell us!

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  • November 6, 2012 at 5:43 PM

    Great article full of wit. Thumbs up


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