Internship with Vinfinet – Software / Electronics Engineering – Bangalore, India

At times the sheer magnitude of the numbers can leave you awestruck. Consider this – In India, the agriculture power subsidy bill (farmers pay a minimal or no charges for using electricity for agriculture purposes) stands at Rs. 40,000+ Crores and much of this subsidy is eaten up by 50+ million agricultural pump sets which operate at very low energy efficiency levels (20-25%). Now the way subsidy works in most of the cases is that farmers are charged a flat rate every month depending on the Horsepower of the pump rather than actual energy consumption which encourages farmers to buy the cheapest possible pump in the market rather than the most efficient one. Moreover the lack of reliability in power supply means that motors are left ON all the time so that they run as and when power is available irrespective of actual requirement. This consumes ~25-30% of India’s total power production.

If technology could come to rescue to reduce this unnecessary wastage and result in say 25% improvement in power consumption of these pumps (more efficient motors + running them as and when required), that would translate into Rs. 10,000 Crores of savings in the subsidy bill and increased availability of power for everyone and a cleaner and greener environment. Do you think that is good enough for you to want to become part of this initiative? The last date to apply is 16th March, 2013– hurry!

About Vinfinet Technologies: – Vinfinet Technologies ( is an initiative by a team of IIT Madras alumni with a common passion to bring the fruits of technology to rural India to improve the quality of life for farmers and unemployed rural youth. The team members have worked in some of the best-known MNCs like Cisco, Intel, and Microsoft etc. before embarking on this journey to bring the best of technology and industry to the vast majority of rural India. Vinfinet has some of the best and brightest from Industry and academia on its advisory board. This particular project, Kisan Raja ( helps the farmers with end-to-end irrigation automation solutions using latest wireless technologies (for eg. – a mobile phone can be used as a remote motor controller!)

About Internship: – Hardware engineers would work on embedded and Power Electronics hardware design with micro-controllers, sensors, networking interfaces, various integrated circuits, power supplies, PCB designing, electronic product development (schematics, PCB layout, assembly, and testing). Software Engineers would work on embedded firmware and software development using C, Linux, Board Support Packages, Networking stacks and algorithms, Debugging, testing, etc.

Who can apply: – Any graduate, post graduate in Computer Science, Electronics and Communications or Electrical Engineering with good knowledge in embedded systems design and programming or strong motivation to create unique products for Indian agriculture sector. Should have hands on experience in designing basic electronics circuits and prior knowledge in embedded systems and/or power electronics. M.Tech students who can commit to work for 6 months are also invited to apply.

Location: – Vinfinet Technologies office in Bangalore, India

Duration: – 3 months (Flexible)

Start date: – ASAP

Stipend & Perks: – INR 3,000 – 5,000 (depending on profile). A certificate of internship would be issued to all the interns and letter of recommendation is also available to those who do well in the internship

How to apply: –  If all set, go ahead and apply here. The last date for applications is 16th March, 2013– hurry!

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