“My first stipend left me broke!”

Name: – Zofishan

College: – IBA

Interned at: – Citibank

How did I spend my 1st intern stipend?

My first stipend? Oh you mean the one first paycheck that works more like a credit card? Or did so in my case thanks to ‘pay-cash-on-delivery’ and the I’ll-pay-you-back-later concept. And you’d expect a business graduate to be wiser with her money (yeah, my parents made the same mistake) or at least know that ‘savings’ wasn’t just a term used by banks (In my defense, my finance teacher’s never ending monologue made time fall asleep. Of course it happened just once, and we had to smack the wall clock around a bit and eventually switch batteries to make it work again, but it happened).

Anyway, back to my credit stipend story. After I read the contract I realized my purchasing power (Econ term. See, I was paying attention) was definitely going to rise. I figured it was time to play that part too. Two weeks later, phrases I had repeated throughout high school and university were replaced by, ‘It’s okay, I got this,’ and ‘Put it on my tab.’ Of course, six weeks later after my stipend had been used to pay off my debts, I was back at ‘Um, maybe later.’  Broke but definitely wiser.

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One thought on ““My first stipend left me broke!”

  • May 14, 2013 at 9:06 PM

    may i know the procedure for getting internship in citi bank


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