I opened a bank account with my 1st internship stipend

Name: – Ankit Madan

College: – Thapar University

Interned at: – E-squared. Pvt. Ltd.

How did I spend my 1st intern stipend?

A girl once said to me, “The difference between an ‘intern’ and an ‘assistant’ is a simple one, the latter gets paid.”
That was the kind of attitude I had when I first joined my internship, but I was definitely proved wrong, when I received a cheque of Rs. 20,000 in my hand.

I was elated as usual, but at the same time flabbergasted to an extent of not believing the cheque to be real, because for any 19yr old, that much money was like nothing he had ever experienced.
I thought I was gonna spend all the money on my shopping, a new cell-phone etc. but I made a smart decision by taking my family for a nice and quiet dinner, and the rest of the money was put into my bank account, and trust me, seeing my name on the debit card was a much better feeling.

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    how to add bank details on intershala?


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