Joy of celebrating with parents

Name: – Soumya

College: – Shri Ram College of Commerce

Interned at: – Ernst and Young

How will I spend my 1st internship stipend?

The joy of earning money on your own is indescribable, no matter how much the amount is. All of our life we have been yearning to earn whatever career option we choose and that feeling of getting rewarded the stipend at the age of 20 after such a long time is inexpressible.
The day I receive my first stipend, I’ll take my parents to their favorite 5 star hotel where the dinner would be paid by me. It would be a day of boundless happiness for my parents and me and will be cherished forever in my life.

Is Soumya’s  plan touching? Tell us here what you did/would do with your first stipend and you could win exciting prizes!

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