“My 1st stipend will be spent wisely!”

Name: – Sumayya Tabassumimage-1353391940345-V

College: – M P Birla Institute of Management

Interned at: – Google

How will I spend my 1st intern stipend?

Every one has their own dreams and these dreams come up from the desires which brings happiness. Some desires are yearned but some are earned. There are priceless things in the world that money can’t buy, but yet there are most of the things that has to be processed with some amount of money. The expression or the mode of showing how we love our parents is by giving back them what they have given us. So with my first stipend I would gift my parents, a sari to my mother and a jacket to my dad. I would like to buy my much desired books which are at stake for a long time now from the amount left. Books have been a source of enlightenment for generations together now. The information passed on to us from 18th century and much more earlier is available. Books bring the direction to our thoughts. They bring us the unknown and the unseen world. The world becoming digital has brought a drastic change yet still people like me would prefer to read a book any day. First stipend is the best thing to make oneself proud to have earned it. Buying things from it makes your world worth while for a long long time and memorable.

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