“My first stipend is no less than a miracle!”

Name: – Rajshree Gupta

College: – Shri Ram College of Commerce

Interned at: – Reserve Bank of India

How will I spend my 1st intern stipend?

The word “money” for a student in 1st year of her graduation is a mesmerizing term which is equal to a miracle. Whenever I think of my first stipend, suddenly I find myself in a mall shopping for some crazy stuffs like colorful foot wears, strange shades of nail-polish and much more. Then, a thought of being a responsible daughter strikes me and brings back to reality that the best use of my stipend will be to save it or use it to pay my college fees. Bored by this dramatic thought, I again force myself to go in the mall filled with lights, brands and crazy things.

And as usual, finally I make a perfect choice of how to spend my first stipend responsibly and crazily. I will go to a mall and buy a suit for my mother and foot wears and nail paints for myself. Then I will go to a mobile store and buy a smart phone for my sister as she doesn’t have one,  and yes, I can use her phone anytime too as we follow “Jo tera h woh mera h”.

Waiting for my stipend to come fast so that I can see it off soon.

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