“Realized the true value of money!”

Name: – Arun kumar

College: – K C G College of Technology

Interned at: – Ashok Leyland

How will I spend my 1st intern stipend?

Spending to understand the true value of money!

Its just been 6 months since my friend took me to an orphanage. I hardly stayed there for an hour, but it is that one hour that gave meaning to my 19 years of life. Seeing all those small children experiencing such a trauma in such young age, I realized how lucky I must be.

I had always been complaining to my parents that I don’t have a high configuration computer, trended shoes, branded shirts and all other fancy stuffs. But these kids don’t even have proper clothing and the striking part is that, they manage to be happy too! This is certainly something in this kids that we should all learn.

Now, I had been to that orphanage for about 15 times and I feel that my thoughts are way more matured. And the one big thing those kids taught me is that “Its not that anyone who is rich is happy but its the one who knows how to spend it!”.

With whatever amount that I get through my internship, I shall buy something really useful to those kids so that through my entire career I will remember the value of money by the way I spent it the first time!

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