Editorial & Marketing internship at Internshala – Gurgaon

editorialAn internship at Internshala has its own disadvantages.

The selection process is grueling (what is with 2/3 pages long application forms) & elitist (not by pedigree but by skills) – as if the company is hiring its next CEO and not an intern.

The work makes you lose sleep (mostly because it is addictive), responsibilities given to you enormous, and pay is peanuts (though relatively speaking the company offer one of the better stipends in Industry).

The learning curve is steep (the last editorial intern we hired was learning programming with in one week of joining), you have some of the best brains in the country as colleagues (which gets scary at times), and the accountability is high (the idea you proposed last night gets implemented next morning impacting lacs of students all over India for better or for worse) – this kind of high performance environment is not everyone’s cup of tea.

The start up has open disregard (bordering contempt) for conventional wisdom, prefers passion over experience (almost always hires interns/employees with zero experience and preferably undergraduates), and does not take ‘Oh, I am just an intern’ as an excuse – after all, the entire organization has been built by a team of interns.

BUT, there are positives too.

Everyone who has ever worked at Internshala (however brief), has fallen in love with it.

Some of your life’s best work will happen at Internshala, things that you never knew you could do.

You will build a network that you would call your second home for years later.

You will learn the latest, the absolute cutting edge – from the best in the field.

While many of you would join to get a point on your CV; few of you would ever want to leave – the place, the freedom, the environment will spoil you!

Internshala has an opening for a full time Editorial & Marketing intern. If you think you fit the bill, can commit a minimum of 3 months, and understand the risks (and rewards) involved, you are invited to apply (details below).

It will not be easy, we remind; but it will be worth every single minute – we promise!

About the internship:- The internship has 2 elements to it.

First is Editorial – where you will be responsible for writing and managing the entire content on the website (surf around to get an idea of what kind of content we produce) which would include writing and editing articles, conducting interviews, research, surveys, managing newsletter and interactions with readers etc.

Second is Marketing (including Social Media Marketing) – where you will be responsible to come up with and execute various student marketing campaigns on Internshala (say a new contest or a tie up with a college fest) both online and offline. In addition, you would be responsible for managing day to day social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) interactions and relations with various colleges student bodies and representatives.

Who can apply: –  The role requires excellent writing, design (photoshop, paint, powerpoint, word), interpersonal skills plus a strong creative bent of mind.

In addition this position is open ONLY for those who have graduated recently or would graduate in next 3-6 months and can commit a minimum of 3 months for the internship (if you do well in the internship, you would be offered a full time position).

Location: – Gurgaon (this is a full time, in-office internship)

Duration: – 3 months (minimum)

Start date: – ASAP

Stipend: – Rs. 10,000/- per month + Unlimited supply of tea/coffee and Maggi :)

How to apply: – Please submit your application at this link – the application form is 2 pages and 8 questions long, all the best! :). The last date to apply is July 25th, 2013.

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