What I Expect From This Internship

Kriti Saxena, a 3rd year IT student at NSIT Delhi and the newest addition to Internshala team, talks about her expectations from this internship.

From the moment I saw the application I was supposed to fill while applying for this internship, I knew this was no run-of-the-mill stuff. As the description had said, the whole recruitment process was as if the CEO of the organization was to be selected, not a mere intern. This cemented my belief that if I was selected, I was going to receive my first LEGITIMATE work experience. And as luck would have it, I did get through and I’m finally a part of Internshala. Here’s what I expect from this stint.

WORK CULTURE – All my previous internships have been the superficial kind, but here, from the get-go, I am being assigned work as well as responsibilities that are meaningful to the organization. The implicit trust factor that comes with it is quite a high. This kind of an experience will surely annihilate the slacker in anyone. Adhering to deadlines and living up to expectations while trying to juggle the rest of your life is not an easy task. My time here at Internshala will definitely teach me to become a professional in the true sense of the word.

NEW SKILLS – The whole point of being an intern is to learn something new. And being answerable to someone is THE best way to ensure that you’ll make the required effort. For instance, I’ve been moaning about not knowing my way around Photoshop since an embarrassingly large number of years, but never actually did much about it. And on Day Zero here, I’m told I need to start getting my hands dirty (direct-quoting my mentor here!). Voila! I’m rustling up YouTube tutorials, pestering Photoshop experts I know and trying out stuff on my own too. And while I’m at it, I also hope to garner some aesthetic sense that I was not blessed with. Practice makes perfect, right?

FUN! – The kind of work profile I’ve been handed here (for the uninitiated, I’m a Marketing and Editorial Intern), is such that it could never actually be considered WORK in my book. Not trying to be all high and mighty here, but I’ve always had a way with words (read, Editorial – check!).  As for the Marketing aspect, the scenario is a little ‘thoda-hai-thode-ki-zarurat-hai’. Some things will come intuitively and the rest, that I still need to learn, are going to be so relevant to today’s environment that it’ll be nothing short of enlightening.

And lastly…

Do you sometimes get the feeling that what you are doing at a particular moment is going to shape the rest of your future? Well, these are my precise thoughts about this internship. I’ve always loved to write about everything under the sun, but it was only through blogs and a few random articles here and there. But being considered good enough to actually do something as concrete as this, definitely instilled a whole new level of confidence in me. Even though I have no tangible proof, I feel this is going to be the beginning of all things great in my life. Too optimistic, perhaps? Only time will tell.

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