India of my dreams – Pallavi Tyagi’s winning essay

Pallavi TyagiPallavi Tyagi from Indraprastha College for Women is the winner of Leader of Tomorrow contest organized pre-InternSaturday wherein all the participants were asked to send in a short write up of 200 words on India of My Dreams – hers was adjudged the best by the jury. She shared the dais with Dr. Kiran Bedi to make her speech.

Read on to see what she has to say. 

India of my dreams isn’t an utopia, it isn’t the most virtuous place nor replica of heaven, rather India of my dreams is a place where women of all ages are free-not just physically but socially too, free of orthodox beliefs, restrictions, where women needn’t think twice before wearing any attire of their choice, regardless of the place or the people and roam around freely without any sense of danger.

India of my dreams is a place where there’s an IIT  for every Harvard and a Narayan Murthy for every Bill Gates. Where youngsters don’t hop aboard a plane to US for their dream job, rather stay back in their homeland  and work for its welfare.

An India, where those not related by blood are united by beliefs. By their love & not separated by faith or color; where it’s not a crime to wed out of ones community, where millions aren’t stashed in Swiss accounts rather with every individual.

India of my dreams is such a place where each Indian truly believes that ,”Saare Jahan Se Achha Hindustan Humara.”

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